From now on, entertainment, education and hobbies are united in a single ecosystem, the heart of which is KIVI TV
Interface of new opportunities
KIVI VISION is a revolutionary interface that will satisfy the needs of every KIVI TV owner. Broad spectrum of customization options allows to make interface fully personal: you can select a background image, hide applications or change the order of their display, change the size of icons and much more
Smart and fast
4K KIVI TVs are now equipped with an improved 4-core processor with graphics core of new generation, two times more of ROM and RAM, as well as built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 5G. Besides the TV turns on 25 times faster, but also it allows to play modern games and download plenty applications
  • CPUProcessor
  • Processor
  • 2 Cores — 2-nd generation
    4 Cores — 3-d generation
  • RAMRandom Access Memory
  • Random Access Memory
  • 1,5 Gb — 2-nd generation
    2 Gb — 3-d generation
  • ROMRead Only Memory
  • Read Only Memory
  • 8 Гб — 2-nd generation
    16 Гб — 3-d generation
  • WI-FIWireless Network
  • Wireless Network
  • 2.4 GHz — 2-nd generation
    5 GHz — 3-d generation
*Statistics are from the company research
Your TV is in your palm
Manage your KIVI TV from your smartphone.

Use your phone as:
  • Apps
  • Remote
  • Touchpad
  • Keyboard
  • USB Flash
Online KIVI television
KIVI TV is the new service of Smart-TV, which provides an access to more than 100 TV channels with buil-in Catch-UP and Time Shift technologies. Forget about worrying about the missed game or TV-show – with KIVI you can watch favorite TV-content at a convenient time
*KIVI K2 remote control is not included with the TV and can be purchased separately
*The actual appearance of the product may differ from the image shown
Upgraded Remote controllers KIVI
KIVI K2 is an intelligent remote for Smart TV. New version has updated cursor control function, qwerty keyboard, upgraded radio signal transmitter and soft-touch design, which will make navigation through your favorite applications fast and convenient
RC-18 is an indispensable assistant to the KIVI TV. Remote has built-in Bluetooth transmitter as well as microphone for TV voice control, 3 additional multimedia buttons and improved Soft-touch surface
  • RC-18
  • К2 Remote
  • Cursor control
  • Qwerty keyboard
  • Button illumination
  • Built-in battery
  • Radio transmitter
  • Maximum functionality
  • Quality Bluetooth connection
  • Voice control
  • Multimedia buttons
  • Long-life battery
World-class displays
World-class displays and top-notch configurations are used in KIVI TVs. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the broad spectrum of colors and shades with KIVI
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